Professional Services

Zanibal’s applications offer a broad base of functionality to help re engineer your business processes and increase your organizational efficiency. We believe that every organization can develop and sustain a competitive advantage by leveraging the design of its functional architecture and business processes.Getting the most out of your Zanibal applications requires an implementation that fits your business rules and work flows as well as ongoing services that support your company and its users. Zanibal has a comprehensive set of implementation and support services, which we offer directly, or through our network of partners.

Business Consulting Services

To maximize the business benefits of our solutions, we will work with you to understand your company’s business architecture and process flows. We offer tools and frameworks for process analysis, mapping and transformation. We also help you to develop performance management metrics and benchmark against best practices in your industry.

Implementation Services

Our consultants having worked in a multitude of industries,  have amassed a wealth of experience to help you evaluate your implementation needs. We will work with you to develop an implementation plan that addresses your unique business needs and provides the fastest time to value given your organization’s capabilities and constraints

Data Migration Services

To transition from your old applications, you need to migrate your data to our standards based and very flexible data models. We provide you with tools and services to help you extract the data from your legacy systems, clean and reformat the data and finally, import it into your Zanibal solution.

Integration Services

We offer a very comprehensive suite of web services to help integrate your Zanibal solution with your other critical applications ensuring that you have real time visibility to your business data. We can help you plan, design and develop integration solutions for most leading packaged applications as well as home grown ones.

Education & Training Services

Ensuring successful adoption by all your users requires access to advanced learning tools as well as on-site training. Choose from on-demand, e-learning tutorials or live, Web-delivered sessions. Zanibal will even create and deliver fully customized, on-site courses for your company.

Our experts are ready to assist you