Zanibal CRM tools help you build stronger, more loyal relationships with your most profitable customers. Key benefits include:
  • View on demand your customers’ total relationship for cross-selling opportunities and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Offer customers a consistent view of their accounts across channels.
  • Evaluate which customers/households are the most or least profitable.
  • View profitability and product sales by region, branch, and representative.
  • Implement targeted marketing campaigns and analysis of marketing efforts.
  • Improved visibility into sales performance to ensure the delivery of revenue targets.

The key features of our CRM solution include:

Account Management

 Seamlessly view and manage customer bio-data, transaction history, communication history, marketing and service indicators etc. from a single platform that synchronizes information and coordinates transactions with other enterprise applications.

  • Complete Account and Contact Repository – Provide online, company-wide access to all account data, including contact information, customer org charts, the role that each contact plays in your business relationship, relevant documents, partners involved in the account, and more
  • Integrated Account History – Track and view all customer history in one place — including marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, customer service cases, and all interactions. Customize the information you capture and the views you create to match your business.
  • Account Hierarchy – Define parent-child relationships between accounts to depict complex organizations with multiple subsidiaries or divisions.
  • Team Account Management – Define all the people involved in managing an account, along with their respective roles (executive sponsor, dedicated support rep, and so on).
  • Reference Management – Manage customer reference programs by identifying and managing the accounts that can serve as marketing and sales references.

Customer Service & Support

Provide every customer with great service—anytime, anywhere, through any channel—and keep costs down.
  • CTI interactions – Integrates easily with your call center equipment to automate the flow of data while servicing customers.
  • Email Management – Easily track all email communication while resolving customer issues.
  • Case Queuing and Routing – Route and queue calls and service requests using your business rules.
  • Case Assignment and Workflow – Manage cases and track their resolution using your own workflows.
  • Easily track overall case metrics.
  • Service quality analysis and real time reporting.

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