Capital market operators need to invest in cost effective technology that will improve their operational efficiency and risk management capabilities while also delivering significantly improved and more transparent experience to their clients.

Zanibal has a suite of low-cost, easy-to-implement, and standards-based solutions for financial service operators. These Order to Settlement solutions automate the interactions between brokers & asset managers, their clients, exchanges, trading partners, banks and other market participants. This eliminates manual effort and errors, significantly improving turn around time and visibility while also saving time and money for buy and sell side participants.

Some of the benefits from implementing these solutions include:

  • Having client orders captured and executed on the exchange in real-time, ensuring transparency in pricing while also eliminating any translation errors. Amongst other benefits, this helps develop the trust needed to build long lasting client relationships.
  • Self service tools (web & mobile devices) for real-time price alerts, order capture, transfer of cash funds in and out of brokerage accounts and real time feedback on the status of transactions, significantly improving the client’s experience.
  • Improved back office capabilities with features such as automated margin call management, real-time tolerance checking, order validation, automated fund rebalancing and others.
The key features of the solutions are:

Straight Through Processing

Mandates are captured only once into the system, tolerance checking, processing restrictions and all applicable business rules are immediately applied. Validated mandates are routed in real-time to an exchange, bank or other partners for execution.

Equity & Fixed Income Trading

Trades can be entered individually or at block level and executed automatically. Support for automatic capture from web sites and mobile devices. Support for online reconciliation of outstanding executions. Contract notes are produced and financial processing completed automatically once a trade execution event is received.

Client Data & Auditing

Client account information including KYC & AML and very sophisticated CRM & Document Management features are available. A fine-grained audit capability ensures that the system fully tracks audit details whenever client, financial, order and other data records are modified.

Portfolio Management & Accounting

eFinance tracks a client’s portfolio of holdings and can produce valuations based on real-time prices. Wealth management features such as discretionary portfolio management & automated rebalancing based on investment objectives are supported. An accounting system with journaled ledgers, chart of accounts, margin accounting and automated fixed income accruals helps keep the books in real-time.

Static Data & Corporate Actions

Data on registrars, fee and commission schedules, traded instruments, exchanges etc are seamlessly maintained. Corporate actions are automatically processed by the system and all portfolio holdings adjusted. Information on bank accounts as well as encrypted configuration for payment processing through the FP gateways is available.

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