Government has never been more challenging. Public sector managers face increasing expectations from citizens, businesses, elected officials, and employees. Pressed to provide services and information to their constituents more quickly and cost-effectively than ever, these managers are often saddled with paper based or legacy information systems that fail to leverage current technology to provide a holistic view of government performance.

As citizens get accustomed to high levels of service and convenience from their experience with private sector organizations such as banks, their expectation for performance-driven government and demands for public accountability is escalated. Governments must strive for both cost reduction, by eliminating ineffective programs, and increased revenue generation, by increasing efficiency and creativity in collecting and generating fees and taxes.

The key features of the solutions are:

Revenue Generation

Our revenue generation and management solution helps governments to administer the payment of taxes by the citizenry. This solution provides the following benefits to the government/tax authority and the citizens:
  • Electronic publication and enumeration of all taxes & service fees payable by the citizenry.
  • Electronic assessment and notification of taxes & service fees payable to the government by both individuals and businesses.
  • Direct communication to individuals and businesses on taxes payable or owed the government, either via SMS, telephone or e-mail.
  • Electronic payment platforms for collection of taxes i.e. e-tax payment.
  • Seamless management of tax clearance documents.

Citizen Relationship Management

Zanibal CRM tools help governments and public agencies build stronger and more loyal relationships with the citizenry. Key benefits include:
  • Offering citizens a consistent view of their cases, taxes and relationship with government agencies across all communication channels. E.g. Citizens can receive automated updates on the status of their open requests via SMS, Email or Online self-service portals based on which channels are available or preferred by the individual.
  • Evaluate which customers/households/geographic regions are receiving satisfactory services and also view their tax & fee payments.
  • Provide progress reports on the state of recurrent and capital budget projects on a consistent basis.
  • Provide channels for obtaining unsolicited feedback from the public on government programs and initiatives.
  • Improved visibility into the performance of revenue generation processes and tracking of the realized revenue against projected targets.

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