Brokerage, Asset & Wealth Management

Zanibal has introduced a new suite of products to solve these complex challenges with a low-cost, easy-to-implement, and standards-based solutions. These Order to Settlement solutions automate the interactions between brokers & asset managers, their clients, exchanges, trading partners, banks and other market participants. This eliminates manual effort and errors, significantly improving turn around time and visibility while also saving time and money for buy and sell side participants.

Core functions in the business units can be re-engineered and automated with our solutions to be at  on par with best practice benchmarks and a redesigned organization with consolidated back office functions.

We provide solutions that help investment banking organizations streamline and automate key operations in their back and front office. Our solutions help develop shared services for:

  • Merchant Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Brokerage (Equity, Insurance etc)
  • Registrar Services
  • Asset Management
  • Custody & Trustees
  • Pension Management

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