Zanibal e-Procurement is the self-service requisitioning application that controls employee spending. It allows employees to manage their own requisitions from searching for items and submitting requisitions to tracking statuses and changing requisitions-all while identifying exceptions, enforcing policies, and controlling employee buying. Automating and controlling employee buying with self-service requisitioning is essential to streamlining procurement processes.


Performance Management

In today’s increasingly global and competitive business environment, it’s not enough to know where you want your business to go. You must plan faster and do more with potentially less budget and resources. At the same time, you must be incredibly efficient and more precise with every decision, while complying with regulatory requirements.


Customer Relationship Management

Zanibal CRM tools help you build stronger, more loyal relationships with your most profitable customers.


Sales Force Automation

Zanibal’s Sales Force Automation (SFA) application gives businesses insight into their sales data. The solution enables companies to manage people and processes more effectively, so reps can close more deals.


Brokerage, Asset & Wealth Mgmt.

Zanibal has introduced a new suite of products to solve these complex challenges with a low-cost, easy-to-implement, and standards-based solutions. These Order to Settlement solutions automate the interactions between brokers & asset managers, their clients, exchanges, trading partners, banks and other market participants. This eliminates manual effort and errors, significantly improving turn around time and visibility while also saving time and money for buy and sell side participants.


Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Sales reps and managers love Zanibal CRM because it works with the other devices and applications they already use—including mobile devices and popular Microsoft apps.


Data & Content Management

Electronic Content Management

Paper is piling up. It needs to be scanned, sent to different locations across the country, tracked to see who has received it, and then stored in a central repository for easy access. Email needs to be archived and associated with business workflows. Digital content needs to be captured, secured and used for decision analysis and transaction processing.


Workflow & Integration

Our solution delivers on the promise of integration by linking easily to everything from desktop tools to enterprise applications. Our Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) integrates Zanibal with enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, Main Frame and other third-party applications. We also have a standards compliant workflow (XPDL) and business rules engine that allows your organization to easily map your business processes into system workflows that help manage your people and data.