Meristem Transforms Its  Brokerage Business With Zanibal  eBroker

Client: Meristem
Industry: Financial Services
Zanibal’s Brokerage, CRM & SFA tools have provided us with the robust functionality required to take the quality of our trading, portfolio monitoring and client interaction to a new level of excellence.

Meristem Securities Ltd. (Meristem) is a leading Nigerian Investment Management institution with a vast and growing customer base and an excellent reputation for service delivery and innovation. Meristem has grown into one of the most respected financial services firm in Nigeria by offering clients an array of financial products and an excellent return on their investments.

The Challenge

After a decision to offer its services to retail clients, Meristem needed to transform its business into a world-­‐class retail brokerage organization. Upon extensive review and redesign of its business processes, it became very obvious that the legacy (Integra) brokerage and investment management system could not support its new operational strategy. The absence of a real-­‐time STP capability for managing the increasing customer base meant that the old system could not support a scalable retail brokerage business model. To execute its strategy, Meristem needed a very flexible and cost effective solution that could be seamlessly customized to support its unique trading, portfolio & relationship management processes.


Meristem selected Zanibal’s EBroker application. The solution comprised the deployment of a number of modules: -­‐ crm, workflow, self-­‐service portal, corporate actions, accounting,   trading   &   portfolio       management. The solution was implemented in less than 6 months and integrated with a retail portal -­‐ Meritrade, developed by Zanibal to serve its retail market.

Users from the various business units and thousands of customers can better track and manage trade orders, cash and portfolio holdings over the web and with mobile devices. Extensive validation and tolerance checking during the capture and processing of transactions has significantly improved productivity leading to unparalleled turn around time for transaction processing. The seamless integration of documents, email, sms, complaints and contact history with portfolio data ensures that all the information needed by clients, front & back office staff is a click away

Zanibal Ebroker application seamlessly intergrates with a Web Portal, Document Imaging System and the Zanibal Customer Relationship Management application. This solution was up and running at Meristem in less than 4 months. “Zanibal helps us process customer transactions much more efficiently than we did before, and we estimate that productivity is up by over 50 percent,” says Wole Abegunde. “The solution puts all the information that our service and operation teams need no more than two clicks away.”

The solution implemented enabled integration of information from all service channels. Orders, account opening requests, cash  deposits &  payments, certificate deposits,     member transfers, etc are seamlessly captured across all channels (web, phone, email, mobile, investment centers). Real-­‐time tracking and notification as business processes are executed using the Zanibal workflow engine. A very sophisticated reporting       framework enables management visibility into the performance of all key processes -­‐ tracking of turnaround time and measuring of staff productivity. The solution was       deployed using Zanibal’s Java Application  Server and  a MySql relational database all  running on  the Cloud. “Because  it’s so tightly integrated,  our  busy teams can  get  a complete  view  of  the  entire  customer experience simply  by  logging  into Zanibal.”




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